Crown Chakra Cleansing Bar - Frankincense - Snowflake Epidote

Crown Chakra Cleansing Bar - Frankincense - Snowflake Epidote

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Crown Chakra

👑Crown Chakra Cleansing Bar -

💧Essential Oil: Frankincense✨this luxurious oil protects the skin and helps to reduce blemishes, large pores and prevent wrinkles. It can also lift and tighten the skin and naturally slows down signs of aging🧖🏽‍♀️.

ğŸ’ŽEncased Crystal: Snowflake Epidote❄️is a stone of strong healing.✨Its vibrations give off a sense of optimism and nourishes our physical-self.🌱Epidote has the ability to increase the energy of anything it touches, including the physical body.🌸✨.

—🐰Cruelty Free 🌱Vegan FriendlyÂ ğŸŒŽCompostable packaging 

A new experience when bathing, where you can wash your body and cleanse your soul. Wash with energy using the healing properties of the encased crystal and balance your Chakras.

Each soap is scented the finest essential oils to truly invigorate your senses whilst being gentle on delicate skin and leave you feeling crystal clean.